Is clean food really good?

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Eating healthy food such as clean food such as vegetables, fruits, and grains that are less refined and lean meat instead of foods that are high in fat and calories. It is quite likely that it will help you feel fuller. but get fewer calories Ultimately leading to weight loss. However, if you want to see clear results, you should exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more each time.

Clean food can also be applied to people with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure,  and people with high cholesterol. Because losing weight and eating only nutritious food can have a positive effect on the condition. Or such disease Helps reduce the amount of various medicines. That patients have to take from before. And if there is good exercise along with it, it will be even more beneficial and results will be seen more quickly.UFABET  

However, eating clean should be done gradually. Know how to be flexible. There may be days where you reward yourself by eating what you want. Just be careful not to accidentally eat too much. Because strictly adhering to the principles of clean eating can be difficult to stick to in the long run. And sometimes a small amount of exposure to certain foods that are believed to be bad may not have any negative effects. For example, some studies have found that small amounts of alcohol may help protect against heart disease. Or where it was found that bad saturated fats cannot be avoided at all. And even then, even small amounts may not have harmful effects on health.