Jurgen Klopp hints that he will not add more troops to the January market.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed that the team may not be signing any more new players in the January transfer window.

         “Reds” grabbed Kodi Kakpo from PSV, who attended the game in their 2-1 home win over Leicester City on Friday. While the team are still linked with other players. Klopp has revealed that there may not be any more signings.

         “I’ve been here for seven years and a few months now and every transfer market is pretty much the same. We talk about these things like money doesn’t matter. UFABET As if who cares? It’s never like that where you can pay anything.” said Jurgen Klopp.

         “I don’t want to disappoint anyone but we signed a great player like Cody Kagpo and what you’ll read is ‘Who’s next?’ It’s like we don’t have a team, to be honest! We cannot play monopoly. We never did and I don’t understand.”

         “Obviously we can’t afford that and it never was. We always prioritize our situations and it’s a big part of my philosophy. Work with faith and trust with the players we have and don’t constantly question them saying we need another player for that or that position.”

         “For Cody obviously it’s not just because we have a gap now. The quality he has perfect rhythm. And if we until the summer, his fee will be more expensive. Otherwise, others would have already chosen him.”

         “There is a lot of potential. It makes perfect sense and the games we will have next year. The game will not be less. We will have more games and all these things.”