Klopp unsure Cody Kakpo will be available for the team’s meeting with Brentford.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp remains unclear. If new striker Cody Kakpo will be available for the team’s meeting with Brentford.

         “The Reds” have a visit to the G-Tech Community Stadium on Monday night. But Klopp has revealed that Cody Kakpo have not yet signed official documents. And the German boss pointed out that nothing is certain yet.

         “I say this. If I work for a pointing agency or sit in a pointing office. I will walk every morning so I can sign those papers by 6:30am.” Klopp said.

         “But I’m not sure how it will go and it will be done by noon. UFABET And on top of that, he hasn’t practiced with the team before signing these documents.

         “Technically he’s still an Eindhoven player, or I’m not sure. But not yet allowed have a chance in my world. But I don’t know if it will happen in real life.”

What is the secret of PSV Eindhoven’s leaps and bounds success? once told the media that ‘This kid will become the future of football’ as he is the perfect player. It has everything an attacking footballer should have. 

Playing as a left-sided attacker, Kakpo is a distinctive and versatile player at the same time. He can take the ball to the edge of the line before turning the ball into the penalty area for his friend. or can cut into the inside of the penalty area and spins the ball with his dominant right foot to score goals as well.