Murphy admits it’s hard to say who’s the best, but I’d give it to Pele.

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Former England midfielder Danny Murphy has pointed out that. It is difficult to determine who is the best footballer of all time. But it’s fair enough to say it’s Pele.

         The Brazilian legend has just died at the age of 82 amid the grief of fans around the world. In Murphy’s view, it may be difficult to say who is the best in the world. But let’s give this legend.

         “Arguing about the best player of all time is always impossible. But I think it’s fair to say Pele has done more for football than anyone else.” UFABET Murphy wrote in his column for the Daily Mail.

         “Even though I was too young to watch him play. But enough of mine to tell me the story of this amazing player. In other words, he had no weaknesses at all. As a football fanatic kid who wanted to become a career Dad will wait for me to watch any footage I can with Pele or George Best in there and he’s a Liverpool fan!”

         “I heard many words of praise for Pele and what impressed me the most was the amount of skill and ball play that modern players do. He did that 50 years ago. I was honored to meet Pele and to shake hands with him before the Soccer Aid game. Be my hero too.”

         “I know how much Pele means to the game I love. I remember telling myself ‘I’ll talk to him, ask questions, or just smile’. And it’s the same in many ways because he’s the best in football.

         “Pele is beyond the game, he is helping to shape the modern world of football. The legacy that he left behind is really great.”