Souness talks about Chelsea losing attacking players.

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Former Liverpool star Graeme Souness talks about Chelsea losing attacking players. But instead spent large sums of money to buy a defender to add to the team in the past summer.

         “Sing the Blues” can only advance to a 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest in the Premier League game. Last Sunday night Causing the team to score only 20 goals this season and concede 18 goals, with the loss of strikers like Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku. But instead spending money to buy a defender, causing Souness suspicion very much.

         “What did Chelsea talk about before coming here? They know they have to be aggressive. UFABET They did well in the first half but they weren’t able to cope when Forest came back.” Souness said.

         “When you’re in war you have to be a different animal and they can’t do that. Their top scorer scored just four goals. Are they a better team without Timo Werner or Lukaku? They didn’t score a lot of goals.

         “If you lose two strikers and you spend £170 on a defender, what do you think? Obviously the most important thing when you let Timo Werner and Lukaku go is to get a striker.

         “I think Potter needs time. This is not a team ready to go and win the big games of football. The goal difference is only plus two.”