‘Bernardo’ has a release clause of 50 million pounds.

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A report from Fabrizio Romano confirms that Bernardo Silva‘s new contract with Manchester City until 2026. Actually has a release clause and is just £50m.

Previously, a few days ago, Mundo Deportivo. A Spanish media outlet, revealed that Barcelona has the opportunity to grab Bernardo Silva to join the team this summer. Because the new contract has the player fulfilling the contract’s release clause. With the sailboat team,

Romano has recently come out to confirm this news. Portuguese national team superstar There is a release clause in the contract of £50 million and it can be activated next summer. The

29-year-old star moved from Moco to play for City in 2017 and has played as a key player for the team. Has played more than 300 matches, winning the Premier League 5 times, the Champions League 1 time, the FA Cup 2 times and the Carabao Cup 4 times. สมัคร ufabet

In addition to news with Barcelona, ​​Bernardo Silva has also received interest from PSG.

In a report by Mundo Deportivo, it is stated that He is not the only player likely to join Barcelona on similar terms, as Dani Olmo, who has signed a new contract with RB Leipzig until 2027, also has a £52m release clause in his contract. Let him move to the Catalan giants too.