If the immune system is abnormal, what can happen?

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If the immune system is not functioning properly due to health problems. Or other factors are at risk for diseases related to the immune system, including:

Allergies or asthma: If the immune system becomes overactive. It can cause severe allergic reactions. Or asthma that becomes more severe and life-threatening UFABET  

Impaired immune system If is abnormally reduced. It will put the patient at risk of immune deficiency. and are more at risk of serious infection. Or even a slight infection can have serious consequences for the patient. The diseases that may be encountered include: Rare genetic problems such as severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID) or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, etc.

Autoimmune Disease: Abnormal functioning can have harmful effects by coming back to destroy cells. And tissues in the body, possibly causing bush disease (autoimmune disease).

Rheumatoid arthritis caused by destroying tissue in various joints and bulging thyroid disease. Which is caused by attacking the thyroid gland which if not treated will be dangerous to the patient

How does the immune system work?

When germs enter the body White blood cells in the body begin to respond to infection by producing antibodies. Antibodies are special proteins that can fight specific pathogens. Once create, these antibodies remain in the body to watch out for future infections. Makes the patient not come back sick with the same disease again. And the antibodies will be pass on to other types of immune cells to eliminate those germs from the body. However, some types of germs may not be completely eliminate. But will prevent those germs from affecting your health later.